Helping Tibetan monasteries in India

This is mainly done with the help of a French association set up for that purpose and that of Sakya Ngor Ewam Phende Ling established in Taiwan. Many disciples also contribute to this effort with individual donations. Until now, help has been mainly aimed at the main seat of Ngor sub-school in Manduwalla, in north-west India.

The projects already achieved

We have been able to bring to completion quite a number of very important projects, such as the driving of a very deep well that now supplies enough water for the needs of this community of over 200 monks, many of them young children. We have also bought a few solar water heaters that provide hot water during the cold season. We are also contributing to the improvement of the food served to the monks on different occasions. Altogether, during the last three or four years, every year we've been able to contribute about 5000 US dollars towards improving the food. We are careful to provide this help in a traditional way, by requesting the monks to perform traditional rituals for the wellbeing of all donors. 


The others projects of the monastery

Les besoins financiers sont très importants car le monastère doit entretenir une communauté de plus de deux cent moines de tout âge et l'argent ainsi utilisé pour les besoins courants de nourriture et d'entretien manque pour la rénovation et l'amélioration des bâtiments, notamment les logements des moines.

Other projects need to be carried out, such as the construction of a dining hall able to sit the whole community, with the top floor being used for a clean and functional dormitory for the children. It is also necessary to help with the sanitary needs and the presence of a full time nurse is needed. We hope that many more people will join us in order to maintain and even increase this action. Anyone interested can contact Mme Daniele Sens Olive, ph/fax: 33+ 143284724.

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